Ranking The Best NBA City Edition Uniforms

November 10, 2018


After months of leaks, all 30 City Edition uniforms have finally been released. Some are good, some are meh, and some are really bad. Like, the second half of Suicide Squad  bad. While we all have a soft spot for Oklahoma City's Native American inspired look, we wanted to decide whose uniforms hit the mark and whose will end up on the clearance rack like OKC's grey monstrosities from last season.


In case you haven't seen the unis yet, we've got you covered:


(images via Nike)


The Ranking

With all 30 uniforms in hand, we each sat down and created our ballot. We ranked every City Edition Y2 uniform from 1 to 30 to figure out which look reigned supreme. Here's the full voting breakdown:



With all the votes tallied, we averaged all the votes together and came up with the Officially Unofficial Top 5 Nike NBA City Edition Uniform Ranking presented by The Uncontested. Without further adieu:


Number 5

Atlanta Hawks


Atlanta's City Edition uniforms celebrate the Hawk's 50th season. A bold winged print flanks either side of the jersey, meant to simulate birds in flight. Surprisingly, this is the only Hawks uniform that actually says, "Hawks" on it. It's a clean, modern look that feels super different than the loud, neon uniforms the team usually wears. Should look especially nice on the accompanying court.


Number 4

Minnesota Timberwolves

Purple Rain lives on in Minnesota. Celebrating the legacy of the artist Prince, this uniform uses the same font as the Purple Rain album cover, as well as incorporating accents from some of Prince's memorable outfits like you see on the shoulder. It's unique, a little wild, and has a cool backstory that ties into local history; everything a City Edition uniform should be.


Number 3

Utah Jazz

It's baaaaaaack. Utah and San Antonio are the only team's whose year one City Edition uniforms return again for an encore (the Spurs uniform ranked dead last in our aggregate rankings). The vibrant gradient of color represents Southern Utah's red rock aesthetic. As the Jazz said when they unveiled it, "don't mess with perfection." These are just plain gorgeous. Even more so on the matching court. Maybe a little less so when they're knocking the Thunder out of the playoffs, but we tried to look past that.


Number 2

Miami Heat

Vice vice baby. Miami revisits the popular Vice theme from last season, this time in black. The bright blue and pink, mixed with the retro Miami script scream South Beach. You can't help but picture yourself cruising down Ocean Drive in a Ferrari Testarossa. The Heat could honestly wear these colors full time and I'm not sure anyone would mind.


Number 1

Oklahoma City Thunder

Are we homers? Maybe. Does it make this uniform any less amazing? No, no it does not. Honoring OKC's Native American culture is an absolute no-brainer, and the attention to detail and symbolism behind every piece of this uniform is sublime. It's distinctively Oklahoma City. It's infinitely more interesting than the Association and Icon uniforms, and works as a nice alternate that expands the franchise's identity into new territory. Much like the Heat, this feels like a design that could be adopted by the team full-time without much pushback. Well done, Nike.


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